Michelle Harris (MS Geology, 2012)

Community College Instructor in Albany, Oregon

After graduating from CWU, I moved to Portland and was hired by CWU alum Deron Carter to work at Linn Benton Community College (LBCC) in Albany, Oregon. Last year I had an amazing time teaching the 100-level Geology series as well as an Earth Science class. I was also lucky enough to be picked up by Portland Community College to co-teach a 200-level Geology class last spring. This year I will continue teaching the 100-level Geology series at LBCC as well as an Astronomy class, which I am really excited for. I have also just accepted a position at Chemeketa Community College in Salem to teach a Pacific Northwest Geology class (a dream come true)!

Since leaving Ellensburg, I have learned that I really love teaching and getting others excited about Geology! I talk about CWU geology often with my colleagues and my students and definitely missed floating the Yak this summer! I am not positive what the future holds, but I do know I really enjoy the Portland area and the community college structure, so Portland State University Ph.D. program might be in the near future:)

Information last updated on Aug 28, 2013