Steve Dobbs (BS in Geology, 1987)

Petroleum Geologist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

After graduating CWU in 1987, I went onto grad school at Idaho State and Boise State University - and was a classmate of Nick Zentner!

I've spent more than twenty-six years in the oil and gas industry and "survived" the many up and downs. After grad school, I started working with Mobil Oil in 1989 for nine years, then onto Pioneer Natural Resources for two years. I then moved to Colorado and worked as Exploration Manager for Red Willow Production Company for nine years. Followed by several years as President and Owner of Preon Energy, LLC, where I provided exploration strategy advice as well as business direction for companies and energy investment firms. I did a short stint as an Acquisitions Geologist with American Energy Partners, and then as President/Lead Geologist of Swan Resources.

I'm currently the Chief Geologist for Unit Petroleum in Tulsa, Oklahoma (NYSE: UNT).

Dr. Bentley was my early inspiration in Geology and he will always hold a special place in my heart. He never wanted a student to "just get by" and not reach their full potential. He always challenged me and often threw chalk at me!

I have two wonderful kids who are now 21 (son) and 18 (daughter). They are attending college and both leaning toward a chemical engineering degree. I recently married a fantastic person, and since she is a Biologist we both get to annoy each other with our version of science trivia.

Information last updated on Dec 22, 2016