Sean Scott (BS Geology, 2009)

PhD Candidate in Laramie, Wyoming

I am now getting into my third year of the PhD program at the University of Wyoming, working under Dr. Ken Sims. My dissertation research focuses on processes associated with construction, aging, and alteration of oceanic crust. I use isotope geochemistry as my primary tool, including long-lived radiogenic isotope systems (e.g., Sr, Nd, Pb), short lived radiogenic isotope systems (e.g., U-Th-Ra disequilibria) and non-traditional stable isotopes (e.g., Fe, Ca). In addition to studying the oceanic crust, I have also had the opportunity to become involved in studies at Yellowstone National Park and some paleontology work using isotope geochemistry. Things are going great here in Wyoming!

I cannot appropriately stress how much I value the initial education gained at Central Washington University. I have very fond memories of the geology department and the surrounding landscape. Sometimes I miss Ellensburg very much! Students pursuing a degree from CWU Geology are very lucky to receive such an outstanding education.

Very exciting to hear about the new geology building!

Information last updated on Sep 8, 2014