Marc Noel (BS Geology, 1999)

Community College Instructor in Jacksonville, North Carolina

I am currently the geology instructor at Coastal Carolina Community College. I am the only geology instructor at the school in Jacksonville, NC. I am starting my 4th year at the college. I teach 4 classes of geology every semester. Most of the time it is 3 physical geology classes and one historical geology class. I am in charge of one part-time instructor and I order and decide on lab supplies for the courses. In addition I have developed 2 lab manuals one for phyical geology and one for historical geology. I love teaching at the college level and trying to turn at least one person each semester to the dark side. So far I have been successful.

For me, the material was good from CWU Geology, but the instructors were great! Nick Zentner, Steve Lundblad, Jim Hinthorne - they were the people how showed me how to teach geology and make it fun. I had no idea that's what was going on at the time.

I am living in Jacksonville, NC and I am not married and have no kids but I am currently looking. I am also looking for a job back on the West Coast, so if you happen to know of anything please let me know. Just like when I was at CWU I love to go hiking, fishing, hunting, and playing golf on my free time.

UPDATE: I got married on August 8th of 2009 to Angela Siano now Angela Noel. She is a 4th grade teacher from Edenton, NC. I am still the department head of geology at Coastal Carolina Community College in Jacksonville, NC. Of course you almost have to be a department head when you are the only geologist at the school, but I will take any title they want to give me!

Information last updated on Dec 5, 2009