Brienn Purdue Ellis (BS Geology, 2012)

Quality Control Analyst in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

After being in Douglas, Wyoming for a year as a Field Geologist, I got promoted to the office in OKC. As much as I loved being in the field during college, having to live/work in the field is a bit much. I am glad that I had the experience to live on an oil rig, but I am loving every minute of the "normal" office life.

Currently I am working on calling formation tops using lithology, gas, and gamma data to correlate tops in the Appalachian, Powder River, Eagle Ford, Anadarko, and Northern Mid Con basins. This allows me to learn the regional geology in all of the basins that we drill in. Another part of my job is to mentor the Field Geologists, which has been very fun. It is almost like being a TA for Field Camp in Bishop, CA, except I don't get to enjoy sing-a-longs with Nick or my partner in crime Kayla.

My job has also allowed me to learn a great deal about the business side of the oil industry. I have rewritten all of Nomac Geo's procedures and standards and am starting a project dealing with inventory and profit margins.

The Okie life is treating me well! I really like it down here. Except for the tornadoes, holy cheat grass they are scary! Jesse and I recently got married and bought a house, so the adult life has really kicked in. It is funny where life takes you, I never thought I would call Oklahoma home.

I feel so grateful for the experience I had at CWU with the Geology family! I received so much support from the staff and gained friendships that will last a lifetime.

Information last updated on Aug 29, 2013