Gilbert Arnold (BS Geology, 1981)

Petroleum Geologist in Oklahoma

I am back to work in the oil and gas exploration business again, after nearly two years off for various medical problems. I changed companies again. Presently working for TDS (aka Technical Drilling Services, Inc.) Working in the central portion of Oklahoma. Much closer to home. I hope to be able to get out to E-burg next spring and visit the department.

Glad to see the department doing well. September experience is coming up soon and a fresh batch of eager young budding geologists to learn the joys of this wonderful profession.

I remember S.O.B. Bentley's structural classes. He's still the only man I know that can map basalt flows from inside a vehicle traveling at 65 mph all the while keeping up a running commentary about the various flow units we were driving past. Dr's. Ringe, Hinthorne, Farkas, and the inimitable Ralph Higgins are other memories of those days. Central was a wonderful place to learn geology since we were exposed to such a wide variety.

Best Wishes to all CWU Geology alums!

Information last updated on Dec 15, 2016