Kevin Delano (MS Geology, 2015)

Water Rights Geologist in Sacramento, California

I'm working on drought issues as a geologist at the Division of Water Rights at the CA State Water Board in Sacramento. My interdisciplinary team is doing the research, field work, and stakeholder engagement to develop instream flow requirements to protect endangered salmon runs in five watersheds throughout California. These days, fieldwork takes me to forested canyon streams and in the South Fork Eel River watershed and braided river channels in the Ventura River watershed. Both watersheds contain rapidly rising and eroding young mountains comprised of coastal sedimentary rock. In both watersheds, these young mountains formed from folding and thrusting within the San Andreas fault zone. The San Andreas fault zone is more well-known for its dominant style of faulting, right-lateral strike-slip motion.

My time with ya'll in Lind remains useful every day. The Masters program taught me how to both do bulletproof science and to communicate that science with people from all walks of life. CWU's geology program is world class. The students and the faculty teach each other so much. Also, a big shout to the whitewater rivers of central Washington, you are thrilling, terrifying, and a ton of fun.

I'm sending my love to my CWU geology family in Ellensburg. I am stoked you get to enjoy the spiffy awesome new building. If you are reading this and would like to learn about California for its water issues and drought, neat geology, or for work, school, whitewater, or brewery suggestions, please email me at or look me up on LinkedIn. I love helping folks out. Hit me up.

Information last updated on Jan 3, 2017