Scott Slusser (BS Environmental Geology, 2006)

Salesman in Auburn, Washington

I am still the same Scott that most of you remember. I work for Washington Cedar and Supply still, based out of Tacoma. Washington Cedar is one of the largest distributors of roofing material in the western states. I have been with them since August of 2006, and we just moved into new offices in Parkland,WA. I will be keeping contact with existing customers and building a new client base in Pierce County.

I am still extremely active in softball, playing on a tournament team that travels the western United States. This past October we traveled to Las Vegas to play in the NSA World Series and finished 24th out of 60+ teams, and were the highest finishing Washington state teams!

I have met a wonderful young lady named Megan and we have been dating for over 6 months now. She is in the process of getting into Seattle University Law, so she is more than capable of dealing with a character like me!

My time at CWU is still the highlight of my life. The skills I learned in the Geology program have paid dividends in real life. I honestly miss the people. There are days I wish college life was still part of my life, but I am glad I'm where I'm at now. The relationships I built - not only at CWU, but in the program - are ones I still hope to continue for many years to come. We Wildcats are ALL OVER! I hope to stay in better contact with some of the finest people I have ever shared a lab room with!

Happy Holidays and best wishes!

Information last updated on Dec 16, 2009