Clayton Larkins (MS Geology, 2009)

Mining Environmental Scientist in Irvine, California

I just moved back to the U.S. after living in Finland for 2.5 years. We arrived to our new home, Irvine, CA, just last week, where my wife Celia (also a CWU grad) has taken an Assistant Professor position with the University of California Irvine.

I am now actively seeking employment in Orange County and planning to continue my career as an environmental geologist. If there are any CWU alumni in the Orange County area, I'd love to hear from you!

Here is a quick summary, including highlights, of life since leaving Central. I worked for four years with an environmental engineering company conducting site characterization and overseeing remediation work in northern Idaho. This included projects ranging from commercial ESAs to CERCLA Superfund work, as well as a stint in Nigeria conducting emergency response clean-up of the worst case of residential lead contamination in modern history.

I earned a PG in the state of Idaho in 2014, and later that same year got married and moved to Kuopio, Finland. Finland is cool! In the spring of 2015 I began work with the Geological Survey of Finland in the Industrial Environments and Recycling Group, where projects ranged from writing wiki articles on best environmental practices in mining, to applied research using novel environmental isotope techniques for characterizing mine-environment interactions.

Now I am seeking an opportunity to apply and refine my accrued skill set to address sustainability challenges in Southern California.

Information last updated on Dec 19, 2016