Pat Runyan (BA Geology, 1977)

General Contractor in Spokane, Washington

After graduation in 1977, I interviewed and was offered a position with Cities Service Company of Oklahoma as an Exploration Geologist, Level I. I soon learned however, that my signing of the five-year employment contract would send me to the Saudi desert for the duration of my contract. In addition, the agreement stipulated that no candidate "shall be married or engaged to be married" during the duration of the contract. (My how the world has changed!) I was engaged to the love of my life and wedding plans were already set in stone, so I followed my heart and declined the company's offer. As they say, "the rest is history"....

On the urging of a friend, my bride and I moved to Spokane in 1978. I became a General Contractor and have enjoyed the past 30 years building residential and commercial projects (and yes, moving a lot of dirt and rock). We opened a retail furniture store in 1996 and specialize in the design and manufacture of home and commercial offices.

I will never lose my fond memories of the Geology Department at Central - hiking endless acres of Columbia River Basalts with Dr. Bentley and discovering the mysteries of the Poleta Folds (Blanco Mountain Quadrangle) under the tutelage of Dr. Ralph Higgins.

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