Becky Mulkey (BS Geology, 2011)

Well Logger in Enid, Oklahoma

Since I left Lind Hall, I got married and went to Europe. We climbed to the top of two volcanoes - Vesuvius and Santorini are both wonderful places!

I worked for a gold mining company in Liberty Lake for about six months until they got bought out. Now I am a mud logger for Mid Continent Well Logging in Oklahoma (the flattest place on earth). I haven't seen a tornado yet, but I will let you now when I do! I work nights at the moment, catching samples, making logs, and sending reports. It's not as glamorous as we all thought, but the pay is great and I love it. Oklahoma is a very interesting place. There is not much in the way of geology above ground, but the people make up for it. They think a 2.4 is a BIG earthquake!

Missing Ellensburg, mountains, Lind Hall, and everyone that made it special! Hope everyone is finding their dream job!

Information last updated on Dec 18, 2012