Dan Charbonneaux (BS Environmental Geology, 2017)

Asbestos Analyst in SeaTac, Washington

Ever since I came back to CWU to finish my degree, I've really been enjoying life - my secret is to say yes when offered any opportunity. It's how I ended up working on my undergrad research project and it helped me to get my current position at work.

After graduating in June 2017, I found a temp job with Harris Environmental doing erosion control work near Selah. I recently saw an ad for the same position on Lisa's job email list - I highly recommend it, it's a great way to get one's foot in the door.

After that ended, I landed an Asbestos Analyst position at NVL Laboratories in the Seattle area. In April 2018, after a few months of training, I took over NVL's SeaTac laboratory. It's a one-man operation that provides me a lot of freedom and responsibility.

Spending those long hours in Chris Mattinson's Mineralogy lab paid off - I use those PLM skills every day to identify asbestos fibers in building materials. It's all thanks to that class that I got, and succeeded at, the job.

On my first day at NVL, I actually ran into another CWU alum I took some classes with: Bill Minor. Apparently he started there just a few months before me. Small world, eh?

Information last updated on Jul 12, 2018