Carrie Gordon (BA Geology, 1977)

US Forest Service Geologist in Prineville, Oregon

Currently I'm working for the Ochoco National Forest and Crooked River National Grassland. I've been here in Prineville since 1992. The geology here in central Oregon is fascinating. Prineville sits in the middle of a newly discovered 29.5 Ma supervolcano, the Crooked River caldera. To the northeast, on the forest, is the 40 Ma Wildcat caldera, For those of you familiar with Steins Pillar, you've been on the rim. Very cool!!

As a geologist for the USFS, my duties include managing our rock resource, providing support to engineering, analysis of unstable terrain for timber sales/projects (aka landslides), administration of mineral material sales, collaboration with state mappers, interpretation and sharing the geologic story. It's fun and challenging. Have never been bored with my job.

When I attended Central, our course offerings were basic - with a focus on field work. It was excellent preparation for my work with the Forest Service. When I look at the current courses, I have to laugh a bit. I took several quarters of cartography to learn about making maps. I'm now using ACAD and ArcGIS on a regular basis. No more dripping ink on the final copy!

After enjoying time in northern Arizona and the Coast Range here in Oregon, I've settled back on the east side of the Cascades. Feeding my senses with hiking, exploring, spinning fiber and soaking up the sunshine."

Information last updated on Dec 3, 2009