Trevor Bemis (BS Environmental Geology, 2011)

Geotechnical Driller in Williston, North Dakota

Wow, I miss Central! Have not been there in a while and boy do I miss the Ironhorse beer. So I've got exciting news. I am in Williston, North Dakota working for a geo technical company, American Engineering Testing. I started the end of last month. I am an Assistant Driller. I work with another geologist from PLU in Tacoma.

We run a pickup truck-mounted drill rig, we bore with a 3 1/4 inch Hallow stem ager usually from 16 to 30 ft deep, and sample the soils in regular intervals. I then log the soils, give them a classification, sandy lean clay, silty sand, sand with silt and so on. I also classify the geology, how the soil was deposited, till, fine alluvium and so on. We bore mainly for building sites, foundations. Its fun, I'm out in the outdoors every day, putting in 40 to 60 hours a week, and this is our slow period. It's a good thing cause there is not a whole lot to do out here other then work and sleep. It's really not too bad now because my wife made it out here about a week ago. I just got certified to test concrete last week, so I can do that now too.

So things are working out great for now, enjoying the work and the people and seeing new country. Hope all's well there.

Information last updated on Jun 28, 2012