Randy Reneau (BA Geology, 1973)

Petroleum Geologist in Texas and Louisiana

I retired from geology in 2010 - after 36 yrs of chasing minerals and O/G around the world (it was a hell of a ride)! Lately, I've been writing novels (most with a geo as protagonist) and just finished adapting one of my books into a screenplay. Currently have four producers reviewing script, so who knows???

I do miss my time at CWU (even broke down and bought a class ring - 43 years later . . . ha).

Yep, survived 'S'weet 'O'ld 'B'ob (Bentley)! All kidding aside, I owe him a lot.

Started out with Conoco (minerals division) exploring for Uranium. Worked Texas and some in Wyoming and New Mexico. Later joined Wold Nuclear (John Wold, Casper, Wyoming).

When the price of Uranium fell, I moved into oil and gas in Texas and Oklahoma for about eight years. When oil cratered (yes, there is a message/trend there), I moved on to gold and diamonds in West Africa (you have to follow the work in this business). Did two tours (5 years- double ugh...) in West Africa (Liberia, until Charles Taylor and his band of immortals ran us out, then Mali and points in between).

Back to the U.S. and into silver in Durango, Mexico. Then, lordy, lordy, uranium makes a come back and all that old data I have been hanging onto for 30-odd years comes back. Sell the data, form a company as U+ goes to $165/lb. Sell out and get back into oil and gas. Currently producing oil & gas in Texas and Louisiana. We also hold a large block of leases in Illinois Basin and are in with the big boys in northern Oklahoma on a horizontal drilling project (fractured dolomitic shale).

Two good traits for a geologist: be flexible and never throw any data away! You can mine your files many times over. Ha!

I have been back to CWU several times over the years. The College of the Sciences was kind enough to name me a Distinguished Alumnus. They made me give a short speech - or no plaque. No sweat. Hit the Tav for a couple ales - and became entertaining as hell!

Been married to a Texican for a jillion years and have two kids (girls). One teaches and the other is a lawyer - one out of two ain't too bad! (you figure it out)

Information last updated on Dec 15, 2016