Rose Borden (BS Geology, 2014)

Graduate Student in Knoxville, Tennessee

I am currently at University of Tennessee as an MS graduate student in the Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences. I am studying under Dr. Devon Burr in her Planetary Geomorphology lab group. My project involves mapping and studying ridges on Mars caused by movement along blind thrust faults, called wrinkle ridges by the people who decide such things. The best terrestrial analogs for these features are actually thought to be the anticlines of the Yakima Fold and Thrust Belt, so I feel especially excited for this project after my studies at CWU.

I am thankful for my time at CWU and all the professors and fellow students who made my time there so fun and worthwhile. I am especially glad for all the good yet challenging times in Structure, Sed Strat, and Geomorph that have prepared me for my graduate studies.

Information last updated on May 24, 2016