Karla Schrader Briggs (BA Earth Science, 2003)

Mom in Sumner, Washington

After I left CWU, I taught middle school science for six years in the Renton, Sumner and Kent school districts. It was mostly fun, and a little bit crazy. Then I left to have a baby, which is mostly crazy, and a little bit fun. Just joking! I took a year off to figure out how to be a mom (no one told me it would take a lot longer). I thought about going back to teaching, but it wasn't my preference to have strangers watching my kid while I worked.

So for the moment I'm a stay at home mom. I have Ainsley who is three, and Andrew is a baby. With their powers combined, they are The A Team. I'm contemplating working part time, but haven't decided where or doing what. My family and I have relocated to the Sumner valley, because I couldn't wish for a better way to go than a lahar flow. But hey, we have daffodils!!

Information last updated on Sep 6, 2013