John Clement (BA Geology, 1970)

Professional Photographer in Kennewick, Washington

Farkas, Ringe, and then Bentley. Geology was - and still is part of my life - but after graduation and several interviews, one was with the Australian minerals group who were looking for geologist to explore possible mineral deposit location in remote western Australia which sounded romantic, but two weeks before I was to finalize the 5 year deal, I got a call about working in photography and traveling. No contest! Photography was my first passion which I got the bug and my first camera from one of my geography professors my senior year at Central. Still want to go to Australia and explore.

I've been a full time landscape photographer now for 33 years and am still loving it. I publish my own calendars on the Northwest Drylands and have another book due out late this year featuring my work over the past thirty years here in eastern Washington. I still live in Kennewick and still get out in the field to explore for minerals with my brother Tom in central Oregon and have made several good finds of opal, beryl and agate. I owned an aquamarine mine in Alabama for several years with another geology professor in Alabama.

Geology memories include my first day in class and the new Dr. Farkas walked in and proceeded to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When finished, he said this is deposition, then he took a bite and said this is erosion then I knew peanut butter, jelly, bread and geology and I were going to have some fun. Our geology field trip in '69 to Death Valley, Owens Valley and Mono Lake area is still etched in my memory and has led me back to these places again and again.

Information last updated on Sep 19, 2010