Brian Ostrom (BS Environmental Geology, 2012; MS Geology, 2016)

Natural Resources Geologist in Seattle, Washington

A few months after finishing my master's degree I was contacted by Dr. Carey Gazis about a potential internship with Weyerhaeuser working with their Energy and Natural Resources group. I interviewed and eventually accepted the position working in the new Weyerhaeuser headquarters building in downtown Seattle.

I am primarily working on updating an existing minerals occurrence inventory for all Weyerhaeuser property throughout the country. This is a GIS database that includes drill hole data, minerals leases and prospects for commodities like metals, construction aggregates and energy minerals. This is a very interesting opportunity and I am gaining exposure to economic geology, which I never thought would be possible while living in western Washington. I have been out in the field a few times on drilling projects, but I never get out as much as I would like!

Earning both my BS and MS at CWU was an amazing opportunity and I look back on it often and very fondly. The Ellensburg area really is a special place! If you are considering the Geology department at CWU you really can't go wrong. I met some amazing people there while completing my education. The department is top notch and has some of the most helpful and humble professors that I have ever encountered.

Also, I recently got engaged to my girlfriend Kaycee Hathaway (BS Environmental Geology, 2013). We met at Bishop Field camp in 2011 (Nick paired us up as mapping partners!).

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well in Ellensburg and enjoying the shiny new building!

Information last updated on Dec 15, 2016