Melinda Menke Shimizu (BS Geology, 2006)

Earth Science Professor in Monmouth, Oregon

Assistant Professor of Earth Science and GIS at Western Oregon University

I graduated from CWU in June 2006.

I earned a Master's in Geology in tectonic geomporphology with Kelin Whipple - specifically looking at hanging valley formation in the Swiss Alps - August 8, 2008.

While completing my MS I also took classes and earned a GIS Certificate that involved an internship with the city of Maricopa, AZ.

This experience indirectly brought me to "the dark side" - a PhD in Geography (I really like GIS). My focus is spatial decision support tool development, and I successfully defended August 2014. Just in time for my return to the light with an Assistant Professor of Earth Science position at Western Oregon University in Monmouth.

CWU Geology definitely set me up to be successful in both my MS and PhD degrees. The combination of coursework and guidance from faculty put me in a good position to do well in each endeavor, and the programming experience I got from working with Tim has continued to be useful every step of my educational journey. I especially want to thank Wendy Bohrson and Tim Melbourne for encouraging me to do a MS before the PhD. The decision to follow that advice definitely put me where I am today, and I couldn't be happier about it!

Personal updates: I had a son in August of 2010 and a daughter in September of 2013. And we all just moved to Oregon - so excited to be back in the Pacific Northwest!

Information last updated on Aug 26, 2014