Gil Godlewski (BS in Geology, 2007)

Nursing Assistant in Martinsburg, West Virginia

Nursing Assistant at the Veteran's Affairs Hospital, Martinsburg, WV and Nursing Student.

It's been two years since I stopped working in oil, and since getting married, both of which were the best decisions I ever made. We're still living in Chambersburg, PA. I completed a certified nursing assistant course a little over a year ago, and now work for the Veteran's Affairs Hospital in Martinsburg, WV. I make my living specializing in dementia care for older veterans in the Community Living Center. While physically and emotionally demanding, I love my vets like family and am proud to serve them.

Though I said I never wanted to go back to school, I find myself doing just that. In August 2015, I started at Wilson College in the Bachelor of Science Nursing program. Though a huge change from where I was before, I feel like I found my niche and am enjoying classes so far. The work/class/life balance can be a challenge, but my husband and family support me whole heartedly.

My husband and I now have a houseful of little tiny cat feet, with six felines claiming ownership of us. They keep the house full, and happy. My brother moved in down the street from us, and we enjoy seeing him when our schedules align. It took a while to get here, but life is crazy, busy, and fun in all the right ways.

I am thankful to all the guidance and help of the faculty and the friendship of fellow students at CWU Geology. A couple classmates have proven to be some of my best friends. I couldn't have asked for a better launching point into adulthood. Aloha and yokwe yuk, friends.

Information last updated on Sep 11, 2015