Jana Mabry (BA Earth Science, 1997)

Science and Math Teacher in Issaquah, Washington

I have changed my teaching gig. I am now teaching Science and Math part time at Brightmont Academy on the Sammamish Plateau. It is a private one-on-one school that gives me more time to do some other fun things I have always wanted to do. Like, volunteering at the Burke Museum in the Vertebrate Paleontology lab 2 days a week (picture attached).

I am working on the matrix of an embedded hadrosaur excavated from Hell Creek State Park in NE Montana. In the lab they are also working on the T-Rex found there and many other dinosaurs brought in to be put on display in the "New Burke Museum" scheduled to open in 2019.

If you have Teachers out there interested in 2 weeks in the field, I would highly recommend the "Dig Field School" where I started in 2012 and held the end of July. They can apply at the Burke Museum Education Department for the 2017 Camp.

See you all in March for "Expanding Your Horizons." All the best to everyone!

Information last updated on Dec 17, 2016