Nick McCausland (BS in Geology, 2016)

GIS Development Engineer in Mount Vernon, Washington

After graduating from Central, I accepted a contracted position working as a Visual Data Specialist for Google. While working at their Google Bothell site, I did multiple projects dealing with disputed regions such as Israel/Palestine, Eastern Europe, and the Jammu/Kashmir region of India and Pakistan. All of these projects were done to better Google Maps. This was an excellent position that allowed me to use the concepts and skills I learned at Central with GIS. During my time here I continued to look and apply for permanent positions that were related to Geology and GIS.

I recently accepted a GIS Development Engineer position for the City of Mount Vernon, WA where I will be working closely with the city engineers and planners to develop land and sustain their database of geophysical information.

For me, I was leaning towards a job that was more GIS focused because that is what I am passionate about. I believe that my time spent at CWU and in the geology department allowed me to hone my skills with GIS which enabled me to be successful after graduation.

Information last updated on Dec 15, 2016