Meilani Bowman Kamaha'o (MS Geology, 2014)

Consulting Geologist in Seattle, Washington

Since 2013 I have worked for Amec Foster Wheeler, first in Irvine CA and now in Seattle WA. I am a junior geologist doing environmental consulting and remediation.

Among my many positive experiences at CWU I am regularly reminded of the lecture series that the department organized. Many of the topics that were presented come up in my conversations at work and more generally in the geology and engineering consulting community.

Additionally I am very appreciative of the 502 graduate seminar that introduced me to the PNW geology, of course emphasizing WA state, and the many wonderful field trip stops (Dr. Lisa Ely and Dr. Chris Mattinson, 2010/2011). Those field stops and the sedimentology and stratigraphy course that I was fortunate to TA (Dr Marie Ferland, 2011) had excellent field trips that I still remember. I've kept my field trip notes and have been encouraged to lead a weekend work trip to some of the spots!

Lastly, even though my current work does not expand on my MS research, the opportunities I had for field work, lab work, and conferences were truly amazing. Thanks Geo Dept!

Information last updated on Dec 28, 2016