Carl Swanson (MS Geology, 2012)

PhD Candidate in New Orleans, Louisiana

After graduating from CWU in 2012, I spent a year as a research assistant working in the Washington Cascades studying the extent and history of glaciation of Crow Creek, just north of the American River and Bumping Lake. This work involved relative dating using weathering rind thicknesses, and reconstruction of the evolution of the area based on stratigraphic relationships. During this time I also expanded the work on my CWU Master's thesis, developing metrics that can be used to interpret the extent of modification due to glacial processes in mountainous areas. Both projects are ongoing, but will be finished (and hopefully published) soon.

Currently I am in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences at Tulane University. My research is combining field work and computer modeling to interpret surface processes and landscape evolution - studying how climate, tectonics, and erosion interact to form Earth's surface.

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