Undergraduate Courses

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Class Materials for Current and Recent Classes

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GEOL 101. Exploring Earth

GEOL 106. Earth Science Inquiry

GEOL 107. Earth's Changing Surface

GEOL 108. Earth and Energy Resources

GEOL 200. Earth Evolution and Global Change

GEOL 210. Introduction to Geologic Field Methods

GEOL 302. Oceans and Atmosphere

GEOL 305. Quantitative Methods in Geology

GEOL 320. Rocks and Minerals

GEOL 346. Mineralogy

GEOL 351. Pacific Northwest Geology

GEOL 360. Structural Geology

GEOL 370. Stratigraphy

GEOL 377. Regional Natural History

GEOL 380. Natural Hazards

GEOL 382. Earth Resources and Pollution

GEOL 384. Ocean, Atmosphere, & Climate Interactions

GEOL 386. Geomorphology

GEOL 388. Hawaii Field Experience

GEOL 415. Earthquake Geology and Neotectonics

GEOL 423. The Cryosphere

GEOL 425. Environmental Geochemistry

GEOL 432. Field Geodesy

GEOL 434. Petroleum Geology

GEOL 441. Climate Variability & Climate Change

GEOL 445. Hydrogeology

GEOL 452. Geophysics

GEOL 453. Seismology

GEOL 456. Geodynamics

GEOL 463. Tectonic Field Investigations

GEOL 474. Quaternary Geology

GEOL 475. Petrography and Petrogenesis

GEOL 476. Advanced Sedimentology

GEOL 478. Volcanology

GEOL 483. Isotope Geochemistry

GEOL 484. Geochronology

GEOL 487. End of Major Review

GEOL 489. Geologic Field Methods

GEOL 493. Field Methods in Environmental Geology