Graduate Courses

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Class Materials for Current and Recent Classes

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GEOL 501. Current Topics in Geology

GEOL 502. Regional Field Geology of the Pacific Northwest

GEOL 503. Graduate Research Methods

GEOL 504. Graduate Seminar Series

GEOL 515. Earthquake Geology and Neotectonics

GEOL 523. The Cryosphere

GEOL 525. Environmental Geochemistry

GEOL 532. Field Geodesy

GEOL 534. Petroleum Geology

GEOL 541. Climate Variability & Climate Change

GEOL 545. Hydrogeology

GEOL 556. Geodynamics

GEOL 570. Fluvial Geomorphology

GEOL 574. Quaternary Geology

GEOL 575. Petrography and Petrogenesis

GEOL 578. Volcanology

GEOL 583. Isotope Geochemistry

GEOL 584. Geochronology

GEOL 596. ArcGIS for Geoscientists