Areas of faculty research include:

Environmental Geochemistry

  • Dr. Carey Gazis
  • Global biogeochemical cycling
  • Weathering and global change
  • Soil geochemistry

GPS Geodesy and Continental Dynamics

Paleohydrology and Climate Change

  • Dr. Lisa L. Ely
  • Paleoflood studies in India and
  • Western United States
  • Lacustrine records of climate change

Seismology and Geophysics

  • Dr. Timothy Melbourne
  • Upper Mantle Dynamics
  • Wave Form Modeling: asthnosphere-lithosphere interaction
  • Continental Dynamics and Surface Deformation

Structural Geology and Tectonics

Volcanology and Petrology

  • Dr. Wendy Bohrson
  • Magma chamber dynamics
  • Magma recharge and eruption
  • Open system magmatic processes
  • Compositional variation processes in intrusive magmas

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