Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science

The Bachelor of Arts in Earth Science program is designed for the student who wishes to have a basic knowledge of geology to build a career in a geology-related area, or teach in the primary or secondary schools. The Earth Science major may supplement the Geology program with courses from such related areas including Environmental Studies, Biological Sciences, Geography, Archaeology, and Economics.

The department's programs place heavy emphasis on teaching students to work effectively in the field (where the geology is) and to prepare properly organized and written geologic reports and maps. The small classes constantly give each student the opportunity to present material orally, a very important professional skill. The two principal field courses Geology majors take in their junior or senior year are important focal points in their training. The fall field course is currently run along the dramatic eastern escarpment of the Sierra Nevada. The winter field course is a three-week exercise held in the Mojave Desert of southern California.

This major is for those who intend to teach in secondary schools. It does not constitute preparation for a career in geology. Senior and junior high school teachers may wish to accompany this major with another endorsable area to obtain certification.

Students who declare a major in geology must register with the department and work out a specific program of studies with the chair or an assigned advisor. Course programs can be tailored to the student's needs and interests with the aid of an academic advisor. Other course requirements may be modified in cases where past performance indicates superior ability.

Visit the CWU Catalog for the details of class requirements and electives:

The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the university's official compilation for all curriculum. The OEC serves as the basis for major, minor, specialization, certificate, and program requirements for the academic year. For current policy and curriculum requirements refer to the CWU online catalog at http://www.cwu.edu/~catalogs. You may choose the catalog that is appropriate for your program requirements, based on the quarter that you were accepted into your program. Some students may be using more than one catalog to meet general education and major requirements.

A student should expect to meet the specific requirements of the departments listed in the OEC that is current at the time he or she is accepted by the department into the major or minor program. Graduate students admitted to the master*s degree program may use the catalog they are admitted under or the current one. A student should expect to complete general education requirements as listed in the OEC current at the time of first enrollment at either Central or a community college in the state of Washington provided he or she transfers directly to CWU from the community college and has not attended another four-year institution.