Undergraduate Programs

Bachelor of Arts in Geology

The BA degree is designed for students preparing to incorporate geosciences into broader careers such as teaching, educational outreach, resource management, environmental planning, business, or law. The BA degree may be an appropriate prerequisite for some graduate programs, but a BS is recommended for students who anticipate pursuing a graduate degree or career in the geological sciences.

The BA in Geology pairs well with minors or double majors in Communication, Computer Science, Energy Studies, Environmental Studies, Museum Studies (Anthropology), Science Education K-8, and any other study that requires fundamental scientific skills with an emphasis on communication.

This major satisfies the criteria for an endorsement in Earth science teaching at the high school, middle, or junior high levels. Students who seek a teaching endorsement are required to complete the Professional Education Program requirements offered through the Department of Educational Foundations and Curriculum. Students completing this program are required to demonstrate proficiency of student learning outcomes through a program portfolio prior to student teaching. In addition to the above requirements, students must pass the WEST-E exam for Earth science to receive an Earth science endorsement and must take SCED 301, SCED 324, SCED 325, and SCED 487 to meet Science Teaching Program competencies.

Students who declare a major in geology must register with the department and work out a specific program of studies with the chairperson or an assigned advisor. Course programs can be tailored to the student's needs and interests with the aid of an academic advisor. Other requirements may be modified in cases where past performance indicates superior ability.

A Four Year Plan for a course of study toward a Geology B.A. degree, and a Four Year Plan for a Geology B.A. degree while also completing the Professional Education Program.

(NOTE: Students seeking a BA degree must complete one year college/university study or two years high school study of a single world language.)

Visit the CWU Catalog for the details of class requirements and electives:

The Online Electronic Catalog (OEC) is the university's official compilation for all curriculum. The OEC serves as the basis for major, minor, specialization, certificate, and program requirements for the academic year. For current policy and curriculum requirements refer to the CWU online catalog at http://www.cwu.edu/~catalogs. You may choose the catalog that is appropriate for your program requirements, based on the quarter that you were accepted into your program. Some students may be using more than one catalog to meet general education and major requirements.

A student should expect to meet the specific requirements of the departments listed in the OEC that is current at the time he or she is accepted by the department into the major or minor program. Graduate students admitted to the master*s degree program may use the catalog they are admitted under or the current one. A student should expect to complete general education requirements as listed in the OEC current at the time of first enrollment at either Central or a community college in the state of Washington provided he or she transfers directly to CWU from the community college and has not attended another four-year institution.