Undergraduate Programs

Program Outcomes for B.S. Geology, B.A. Geology,
B.A. Geology with Professional Education Program

Professional Skills

  • Critically read and interpret published scientific literature; differentiate data from interpretation.
  • Write a research proposal that develops multiple hypotheses, predictions from hypotheses, data gathering strategy, data analysis, and literature review.
  • Know and practice scientific ethics.
  • Present an analysis of data and interpretations both orally and in writing.
  • Interpret representations of data, including graphs, maps, cross-sections.
  • Evaluate uncertainties with respect to observations and measurements.
  • Demonstrate working knowledge of standard geologic reference tools and resources
  • Have knowledge of and experience in teaching geology in the classroom or field. (B.A. Geology with Professional Education Program only)

Basic Geologic Knowledge

  • Apply and interpret relative and absolute dating techniques with respect to the geologic record.
  • Identify basic rock types and minerals in hand sample (common sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks; common rock forming minerals).
  • Produce an original geologic map and interpretive cross-section in a variety of field settings.
  • Understand basic earth processes in a plate tectonic context, including the rock cycle, mountain building, and patterns of earthquake and volcano occurrence.
  • Demonstrate familiarity with global and regional geology, including geologic time, major events in earth history, and the evolution of life.
  • Use modern analytical instruments (both field and laboratory) to address geologic problems; know laboratory and safety protocol.
  • Apply geologic knowledge to current environmental issues, such as water quality, geological hazards, natural resources, and global changes.
  • Describe geological phenomena in terms of the physical and chemical processes which drive them.
  • Possess experience in original research. (BS only)