Dr. Anne E. Egger

Ph.D. 2010, Stanford University
Associate Professor
Geological Sciences and Science Education
phone: 509-963-2870
office: Science II Room 337

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Research interests

I am interested in combining field observations with geochronological and geophysical data to learn more about active tectonic environments. I use tools such as geologic mapping, lidar (light detection and ranging), radiocarbon geochronology, gravity and magnetic mapping and modeling, and seismic data analysis to decipher the faulting and magmatic history and current structural setting of a region.

In addition, I am involved in materials development for teaching science and geoscience at the undergraduate level. I am particularly interested in integrating the process of science into teaching, and helping students understand how we know what we know. For more details about the educational projects I'm involved in, see my profile page at the Science Education Resource Center (SERC).


I teach courses in both Geological Sciences (GEOL) and Science Education (SCED).