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Students, Faculty and Researchers from Central Washington work closely with an international team of scientists in the extreme conditions of Antarctica. We are installing seismometers and GPS stations throughout West Antarctica and the Transantarctic Mountains to understand the evolution of the mighty Antarctic Ice Sheets and Lithosphere. 

Analysis of the data will begin in 2009 as CWU Geology student Josh Svaldi works with Drs. Huerta and Winberry to determine the thickness of the crust in Marie Byrd Land using seismic data collected from the Mt. Patterson field site.

Field work will continue through 2012, and students and faculty from Central Washington University will continue to install geophysics stations and process data.

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POLENET or The Polar Earth Observing Network is a consortium involving people from 28 nations that aims to dramatically improve the coverage of many different kinds of geophysical data across the polar regions of the Earth. It has been endorsed as a core activity of the International Polar Year.

Polenet Website

The faces of Team Polenet

1) Team Polenet at McMurdo Station 2) Dr. Paul Winberry, CWU;

3) Peter Braddock, Ohio State Univ.

4) Don Voigt, Penn State University


Field Work

Professor Audrey Huerta, installing a seismic station at Lonewolf Nunatak, Antarctica