Geol 380: Environmental Geology

T, W, Th, Fr: 1:00- 1:50 Lind 103

Professor: Dr. Audrey Huerta

Contact info:
Rm 118-A, Lind; 963-2718 (office)
office Hours: Wed & Thursday 14:00-15:00, or by appt.

Teaching Assistant: Zoe Futornick

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Course Resources

Course Syllabus
Course Schedule Updated Oct 25
Research Project Handout
Mid Term #1 Study Guide

Lecture Resources

Week 2: Huerta Climate PPT
Week 2: Kaspari Climate PPT
Week 3: Streams PPT
Week 4: Landslides PPT
Week 5: EQ's PPT
Week 6: EQ's and Volcanos PPT
Week 7: Water Resources PPT
Week 8: Water Pollution PPT
Week 9: Energy PPT

Exercise Resources

Exercise #3 Worksheet- Earthquake Hazards Map;Due beginning of class, Nov 10

Miscellaneous Resources

Conversion FactorsTable to help convert from inches to meters, or calories to joules, how small is micro? etc

How to read scientific papers Just what is says, good advice on how to NOT be overwhelmed by scientific articles
Scientifically Speaking- Tips for Preparing and Delivering Scientific Talks and Posters
Suggestions as to Expression Helpful tips for writing scientific papers
Geological Society of America "Geology" Style Guide Instructions on how to format a paper, citations, etc

Course description

Environmental Geology involves the study of hte interactions between humans and the geologic environment. Topics we will examine include:
-Natural hazards (floods, lanshlides, earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes)
-resource use and management
-pollution, and
-climate change


 Attendance is required for all lectures. Reading the text is not a sufficient substitute. My lectures cover topics in more depth and from different points of view than the text. If you do miss a class, ask a classmate to give you notes and an explanation of those notes.

 The appropriate chapters should be read before lecture, be careful not to get behind.

 You should be on time, prepared, and ready to listen and participate for the full 50 minutes of each class.

 Take good notes. Write down everything on the board, make sketches of slides and overheads, and get all the details. Take notes during all slides, you are responsible for the material covered. Go over your notes after class and underline important ideas and clarify points while the ideas are fresh in your head. If anything is unclear, please come see me during office hours.

 Assignments should be neat and completed on time.

 You are responsible for the material presented in reading assignments, lectures, and slides. If you have questions, it is your responsibility to ask during class time or during office hours. I encourage you to ask questions in class, come to my office hours, or send me questions on e-mail.

Grading Policy

Late assignments will not be graded in detail. The maximum score possible on a late assignment is 70%. Assignments turned in more than 3 days late will not be accepted unless prior arrangments have been made with me.

Grading Breakdown

Midterm I; 15%
Midterm II 15%
Final Exam; 20%
Research Project; 20%
Assignments (including Field Trip Reports); 20%
Participation and Attendance; 10% (half based on field trip attendance)