October 2008 field work, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Camp at Heart of the Hills campground.

View northwest from road to Hurricane Ridge. Road to Obstruction Peak visible downslope.

Mt. Olympus from Hurricane Ridge.

Typical exposure of weakly metamorphosed, interbedded sandstone and shale along Hurricane Hill trail.

Road to Obstruction Peak, view towards Mt. Olympus.

Glacially cleaned outcrop, Obstruction Peak area.

Fibrous quartz veins, recorders of past fluid flow, Obstruction Peak area.

Incoming fog about to envelop Deer Park.

July 2009 field work, Olympic Peninsula, WA

Metabasalt outcrop at Steeple Rock.

Obstruction Peak trail.

Wildflowers along Obstruction Peak trail.

View N from Obstruction Peak trail.

Holly at work with her notes, Obstruction Peak trail.

Quartz veins along Obstruction Peak trail.

Glacial striations, near Obstruction Peak trailhead.

Mt. Olympus from the Obstruction Peak trailhead.

Conglomerate outcrop at Sore Thumb.