Geology 101 - Physical Geology

Instructor: Morgan Salisbury
Text: Essentials of Geology, Stephan Marshak

Homework #1 - Plate Movement through time Due Wednesday Jan 19, 2005
Links for assignment #1:
Pangaea reconstruction
Predicted future plate movement

Homework #2 - Relative dating excercise (pdf file)
Homework #2 - Relative dating excersise (word document)
Print out assignment and hand in at beginning of class on Friday, Feb 18

Course description:
This course is an introduction to the physical complexities of our planet. We will learn what the Earth is made of, where it came from, what it has been up to for the last few billion years, and what it is doing today. This will include study of earthquakes, volcanoes, glaciers, rivers, oceans, the atmosphere, and of course, rocks. At the end of the quarter, students will be able to view the Earth’s place in the universe from a scientific perspective and better understand the geologic forces that continue to shape our planet.

Course syllabus

Intructions (word file)
Here are the X-ray maps to locate the crystals (word file)
Images of individual crystals and microprobe locations
Appendix 6 - major elemenent traverses (word)
Appendix 4 - major elemenent core compositions (word)
Me slides for final