Timothy I. Melbourne

Seismology and Tectonics

Ph.D. 1999, Caltech

Director, PANGA Geodesy Lab

Department of Geological Sciences

Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA 98926-7417

Ph/Fax: 509 963 2799/2821

Professor Melbourne's research is focused on modeling  seismic waveform and GPS deformation data. He heads the Pacific Northwest Geodetic Array, which uses continuous GPS to monitor crustal deformation throughout the Cascadia subduction zone, and in particular the slow earthquakes which frequently occur along the Cascadia plate interface fault.  He teaches seismology, geophysics, and introductory geology.  For detailed information on his research, courses, student research opportunities, field photos, department info and resources, scroll through the menu on the left. Tiltmeters [movie] can be found here.

PANGA Slow Earthquake Movie!

PANGA's spectacular GPS station near the summit of Mt. Olympus. Click to enlarge. Or, here is a powerpoint slide show of this spectacular site.