Energy Constrained Recharge, Assimilation, and Fractional Crystalization

Geological Sciences


EC-RAXFC represents a magmatic system consisting of three variables which are isolated adiabatically from their surroundings. The three components include country rock (assimilant), magma body (pristine magma), and recharge reservoir. Boundaries between each component may be open, closed or semi-permeable regarding mass and adiabatic or diathermal regarding energy. Boundaries between the country rock (or wall rock) and the magma body are diathermal and semi-permeable. Heat can pass freely across this permeable boundary. The mass of anatectic melt incorporated into the magma body can be defined by X. Energy is conserved among the three sub-systems on the path to thermal equilibrium, which governs the mass of country rock involved in the EC-RAXFC evolution. The magma body consists of host melt, cumulates and enclaves with an additional sub system of recharge melt of arbitrary mass, specifiy enthalpy and composistion. The boundary between recharge resevoir and the magma body is open with respect to matter and heat during episodes of recharge. The boundary between recharge resevoir and country rock is closed and adiabatic.

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