mt. etna 2004 Eruption of Mt. Etna


Geological Sciences 478/578 - Spring Quarter 2012

Lecture: MWTh 12:00-12:50 in Lind 215
Lab: T, Th 2:00-5:50 p.m. in Lind 102

Text: Volcanoes A Global Perspective by Lockwood and Hazlett
Secondary Text: Encyclopedia of Volcanoes edited by H. Sigurdsson
Secondary Text: Volcanoes by Peter Francis
Secondary Text: Volcanism by H.U. Schmincke

Instructor: Dr. Wendy A. Bohrson
Office: Lind 101A
Email:; Telephone: 509. 963-2835
Office hours: When my door is open or by appointment

Graduate TA : Rachel Hunt
Office: Lind Hall 101
email: huntr@cwu.EDU; Office hours: TBA
Undergraduate TAs : Laura Abe and Brittany Fagin

Course Description:

This class explores the range of volcanoes and volcanic eruptions on Earth, physical and chemical controls on volcanic eruptions, and the impacts eruptions have on society.

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