About the Islands of the Four Mountains


The Aleutian Islands extend between America and Asia across 2300 kilometers (1400 miles). The Islands of the Four Mountains are located on the eastern end of the chain, between the Fox Islands and the Andreanof Islands.

Islands in the IFM include Amukta, Chagulak, Yunaska, Herbert, Carlisle, Chuginadak, Uliaga, and Kagamil. All of these islands are volcanic, with Mt Cleveland on Chuginadak Island currently the most active. The IFM project is focused on three of these islands, Herbert, Carlisle, and Chuginadak.





Brief summary

image from: The Aleutian Islands of Alaska: Living on the Edge, 2008, edited by K. Wilson and J. Richardson, University of Alaska Press, Fairbanks, 143 pages

Herbert Island is the westernmost of these three islands. It is approximately 10 km in diameter, is ca 1300 m in height, and has a rugged shoreline with high cliffs and very few bays.

Carlisle Island is the northernmost of the three islands and is also considered an active volcano although it has not erupted in recent times. It is 6.9 km in diameter and extends to 1610 m in height. Similar to Herbert, it has a rugged coastline with cliffs and deeply cut ravines with no bays or harbors.

Chuginadak is the largest of the Islands of the Four Mountains, 23 km by 9.7 km in size, and includes two mountain masses joined by an isthmus of coalesced lava flows and volcanic debris, with a stratovolcano, Mt Cleveland, on the west side of the island that extends to 1730 m in height. This island has protective harbors and inlets as well as rugged shorelines.