John Sanders (BS Geology, 2001)

US Army Instructor in Augusta, Georgia

I am still in the Army and having an awesome time. Currently, I am an instructor who teaches leadership, telecommunications, radio communications (multi-band), and automations (network management, server management, web design, etc) to young Officers in Augusta, Georgia (9 months per year of sunny days!!). This is by far the most rewarding job I have had in the Army. Mentoring and teaching our future leaders is truly an amazing experience.

CWU Geology helped me in many ways. First, Geology tested my intuition in every class teaching me to take in the "Big Picture". Second, every class presented challenges that tested problem-solving with very little resources. Finally, walking all over Mitchell, OR and Bishop, CA in the dead of summer provided realistic training for a few desert mountain ranges I have visited in the past few years.

Other than Bishop with Nick Zentner, some of my favorite Geology experiences were Advanced Mineralogy with Dr Jim Hinthorne, History of the World with Steve Lundblad, cramming for the Mineralogy Final with Barson et al., and Volcanology with Wendy Bohrson.

I currently live in Augusta, Georgia with my wife of five years, Beth, and two beautiful daughters Meghan, a 3 year old Tennessean, and Caitlin, 9 month old Georgian. I spend most of my free time riding my Harley, playing golf, and hanging out with friends.

I wish every one well and hope they have a great new year.