Michelle Harris (MS Geology, 2012)

Associate Professor in Centralia, Washington

After graduating from CWU, I moved to Portland and worked for six years as a part-time adjunct professor at several community colleges along the I-5 corridor from Portland to Corvallis. The experience was exactly what I needed, experience! I met so many amazing geologists, and educators who helped me grow, adapt, and learn to become a better science educator.

When a full-time tenured-faculty position opened up in Centralia WA, I was eager to apply. I accepted the position in Fall of 2017 and became the head of my own department. I now teach six different classes, with field trips, that run at different times in the year including, Geology 101, Historical Geology, Geomorphology, Survey of Earth Science, Natural Disasters and Catastrophes, and Undergraduate Research.

I was granted Tenure, one day before WA State was shut down for the 2020 Pandemic. Since then, I have played a very active part in helping the others at my college adapt to a new online learning environment.

I have sent three of my geology majors to CWU (so far). I am a very active member of all things SERC and SAGE and would always recommend them to anyone looking to go into education.

When I am not working, I am active with my family, running, or enjoying our proximity to the mountains. In 2019 I was asked to guide a few hikes to the top of St Helens for the MSHI, and I plan on doing a summit and "Into the Crater" climb this summer.

Information last updated on Feb 10, 2021