Joe Kephart (BS Environmental Geology, 2005)

Environmental Engineer in Hermiston, Oregon

I am now residing near Hermiston Oregon continuing my career with Waste Management as an Environmental Engineer. As expansion projects continue at both landfill sites, increasingly dynamic waste containment and treatment systems evolve. Continued electrical generation of 6.5 mega watts from landfill gas coupled with destruction of residual landfill gas keeps my team busy. Further expansion of the landfill gas to energy program is planned with additional engines.

Environmental monitoring of air and groundwater continues to be the mainstream of my day. Report review, submittal, and technical documentation of all activities including construction project management keeps me busy too. Regulatory compliance issues arise occassionally and contribute to the fast-paced rythum. I wish I had the time to go back to school!

It's good to see so many others offering testimonials about their post educational experiences. I enjoy reading the updates. I often reflect back to the days spent at CWU Geology with fond memories. I miss you all.

Information last updated on Jan 31, 2012