Jessica Robertson (MS Geology, 2001)

GeoEngineers Project Manager in Vaughn, Washington

I am a Project Manager with GeoEngineers, based in Redmond. I specialize in historical research and environmental assessment for property transaction and due diligence purposes. I find it fascinating, and it combines my two loves of history and earth science.

Almost even better is that I am able to work from home and remotely on a part-time basis, so that I am able to live closer to nature out on the Key Pen, and I can homeschool my two kids. I love being able have the flexibility to take the kids on frequent field trips and show them this big amazing world of ours.

I fondly recall my years at CWU and all those great CWU Geology field trips...I've led a few homeschool field trips to the same locations and I can report that elementary kids love them, too. The next generation of geologists is already in training!

Information last updated on Dec 17, 2012