Tracey Kelly Mulhern (BS Geology, 1997)

Consulting Geologist in Bellingham, Washington

I am still working for Farallon Consulting in Bellingham, WA as a Project Geologist. Most of my work involves site investigations and remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. I also do some environmental compliance work where the main focus is inspecting different business and their operations for compliance with local and state regulations and evaluating their potential environmental risks to prevent future soil and groundwater contamination. After more than 6 years of working for Farallon, I still enjoy what I do. I don't get out in the field as much as I used to and do miss that in the summer.

CWU Geology helped me prepare for my career in so many ways. In environmental consulting, it sometime seems like you aren't really doing much actual science or geology, but I use a little bit of every class I took at CWU almost every day.

I live on Lummi Island, the easternmost island of the San Juan Islands. To get to work (and anywhere else) I ride a small 20 car ferry boat which my husband John works on as a deckhand and captain. The ferry crossing is short, only about 10 minutes but in the winter the ride can get pretty exciting with 100 mph plus winds. Our "kids" for now are all the furry type and include Buddy the dog, Oliver the cat, 8 chickens, and 2 rabbits. Most of my free time I spend cleaning up after the dog, cat, chickens, and rabbits, working in the garden, boating, fishing, hiking, and skiing.

I miss CWU and have very fond memories - especially of Geology Field Camp in Bishop, CA. After graduating from CWU, I went to grad school at WWU and it just wasn't the same.

UPDATE: I am still working at Farallon Consulting in Bellingham doing environmental consulting. I have been there over 11 years now, can't believe it has been that long! I still live on Lummi Island near Bellingham with my husband and daughter who is now 3, and several chickens. (I see my old entry lists my dear dog Buddy, Oliver the cat, and 2 rabbits too - sadly they are all no longer with us [I really did need to update this!])

Information last updated on Dec 19, 2012