Ken Clark (BA Geology, 1984)

Instructor/Technician in Tacoma,Washington

I was hired by the University of Puget Sound in Tacoma in 1987 as an Instructor/Technician and have worked here in that capacity ever since. It is a great job, very satisfying intellectually with great benefits. I have been mapping the basalts of the Crescent Formation on the Olympic Peninsula for years and have guided many students as they research the rocks there for their theses.

I graduated from CWU Geology in 1984 with a great bunch of guys. I got my MS at Western Washington, doing my course work from 1984-87 and finishing my thesis in 1989. Prior to Central, I served in the Marine Corps from '73 to '77. I got my AAS degree from Tacoma Community College in 1980, and took two years off before beginning my studies in Ellensburg.

I was married in 1991 to Linda, a biologist working here in the UPS Biology Department. Our son Will was born in 1998; he is in grade school. Linda also works in his school in the Speech department.

Information last updated on Mar 4, 2008