Kaitlyn Nelson (MS Geology, 2015)

Environmental Geologist in Omaha, Nebraska

I am currently a US Army Corps of Engineers Geologist working in environmental remediation and groundwater contamination within the Environmental Engineering and Geology Division.

I began my career with USACE as a field geologist within a group called the "Field Exploration Unit" in Baltimore, MD. There, I conducted geologic field studies and technical analysis for environmental and geotechnical engineering projects throughout the East Coast.

The CWU Geology Department has been a significant part of my personal and professional journey. I am deeply thankful for the sense of community and camaraderie, as well as the opportunity to study geology in such a beautiful part of the country. Thank you to the excellent faculty and staff, as well as the many friends and colleagues I have met along the way!

Information last updated on Feb 5, 2020