Aaron Turnley (BS Geology, 2012)

Consulting Geologist in Kirkland, Washington

I am currently working as a staff geologist for a private consulting firm based out of Kirkland. My responsibilities cover all soil related aspects of construction. We monitor soil compaction (mass fills/utility backfill), in situ soil bearing capacity, erosion control, infiltration, drilling, coring, retaining wall construction, etc. I am also a licensed CESCL (certified erosion and sediment control lead) inspector. This means I am responsible for inspecting all discharged storm water from project sites to make sure it meets DOE standards. I am also currently in the process of studying for the ASBOG test, hopefully taking it in September.

I wish the best of luck to my colleagues from not only my class but all the others as well. It is always cool to hear of people getting a really cool geology job that they love.

Information last updated on Dec 15, 2016