Patrick Johnston (MS Geology, 2013)

Petroleum Geologist in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

After CWU I worked in the Central Valley of California from 2010-2014 as a geologist for Occidental Petroleum company. After some important experience in the conventional hydrocarbon plays in California, I pursued an offer to work in the unconventional oil and gas space with Devon Energy in the Oklahoma City area in 2014.

I have had the incredible opportunity to closely work the shale-oil boom in the Permian Basin as it has developed into the nation's hottest play. So far this career choice has been extremely rewarding as it has offered ample opportunity for working with incredibly talented people while learning technical and soft skills along the way. I find the interface of business with geological data to be the most interesting part of what I do.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to study at CWU in the Northwest and have used my diverse background to my advantage in an industry that's dominated by Midwest and Gulf coast schools.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the energy industry and have any questions please contact me!

Information last updated on Aug 23, 2018