Jesse Walters (BS in Geology, 2013)

Graduate Student in Boise, Idaho

I am currently pursuing my PhD in Geology at Boise State University. My research focuses on improving trace element and Raman thermobarometric techniques and applying them to the study of orogenesis. After completing my PhD, I hope to become a professor and continue my research.

Currently I'm focused on using titanite chronology and thermometry to distinguish between tectonic models for the evolution of the Himalaya. During the spring 2014 I traveled to Nepal and completed two transects across the Annapurna Himal over the course of a month. I've also done work on high-pressure/ultrahigh-pressure metamorphism, quartz-in-garnet Raman barometry, and Rb-Sr/Sm-Nd dating of LL chondrites.

I really enjoyed my time at Central, and while I was excited to start the next phase, I miss being in Ellensburg. Even though I've only been gone a short while, I know the education and experience I received at CWU Geology has been vital to getting me where I am today. It's a long road ahead, but I feel well prepared!

Information last updated on Aug 5, 2014